Look at all the nice things people say about us! A collection of kind words from former and current students:

The Comedy Cafe Berlin is a magical place full of very funny, very kind folks. The class was totally worth it. I felt like I really learned a lot as an improviser and met lots of really cool people. The community at CCB is just totally rad. I’m definitely going to take the level 2 class.
As a freelancer, I get to work with a lot of different teams. It’s key for me to be able to adapt quickly to what’s needed from me. I signed up for the intro to improv with the aim to help me become a better collaborator and team player. The course definitely did the trick!

I recommend everyone to take classes at CCB, they will be a lot of fun! Along the way, you will learn how to be funnier, a better listener, more spontaneous and you will most likely make a bunch of awesome new friends!
This class is a great first step not only for anyone interested in improv comedy, but also for anyone looking to get out of their comfort zone or to gain more confidence. The instructors and classes are a ton of fun!
Stephen Lee
I have never been in a better environment to freely explore and create without judgement. Competent coaching, openness and respect have made this possible. Improv teaches you so many things about life! You just need to stop overthinking things and really listen to others and support them. If you ever wondered if improv was for you, then CCB is the right place to start.
If you ever wanted to try long form Improv this is a great place to start! The teachers are caring, knowledgeable, and inspiring which makes even the most timid student feel at ease. The course itself is very interesting. It covers some theory, but mostly focuses on learning by doing. At the end you even get to put on a show and “graduate” with your class! Highly recommend this!
Nick Hogendoorn
This workshop is a blast! It was extremely inspiring and gave me so much confidence in my funny bones and boosted my creativity in acting and standup comedy! Thanks to Noah and his team for this great experience!
Valentin Emil Lubberger
We came all the way from Munich to join this 4-day intensive course. And it was brilliant! Well-organized and balanced, enough breaks to rest and enough practice time to really learn the skill. Highly recommendable.
This was such a great way to get back into the world after being locked down for so long. I feel myself coming alive again from being invited to use my imagination, and to create magic from whatever is there in the room. Improv and the people I’ve met have brought freshness back to me!
The best comedy improv instructors and course in Berlin!
David Blackwell
The CCB training school was absolutely amazing! I took intro to improv level 1 with Noah and I learned so much and had a total blast. The class was fun and engaging and offered the opportunity to experience improv in a safe and supportive environment. I highly recommend this class whether you are interested in improv or simply want to break out of your shell and just try something new. The class is nicely structured with clear and informative lessons and fun exercises. Was always the highlight of my week.
I felt like I was in great hands with Carl. He was really caring, open, knowledgeable and sensitive. […] You guys are lucky to have him as a teacher!
Matilde is a fantastic improvisor and teacher. She plays and acts from a place of strength, energy and confidence and is very good at teaching other people to tap into those same resources. I felt energised for hours after the workshop and find the lessons learned there significantly improved my performance.
I loved my Intro to Improv class at the CCB, it was a really welcoming atmosphere. Having seen Caroline perform live it was great to learn with her and experience not just her comedy and some of her thought processes up close but how encouraging she was for our class as well. The CCB has a great, very encouraging atmosphere. I wish I had started going years ago!
Intro to improv was a huge amount of fun – like watching improv every week, but even funnier, with the addition of learning new skills. Antonia is a fantastic, encouraging, and enthusiastic teacher.
I had Noah for my 101 Improv Basics class. This was the most fun I’ve had as an adult taking a ‘class’ ever. I overcame my fear of the stage, and gained more confidence and tools to utilize in my life and career.
Megan Lillick
Josh is a fantastic improvisation teacher[…] his passion for the art shines through. He is deeply chilled and has the knack for creating a space in which we were always challenged to push our boundaries in learning and playing, yet felt safe while doing so. Most impressively, he strikes perfectly the difficult balance between providing enough structure and discipline to teach and show the features of the form, and giving the space and freedom to experiment and explore.
Ben McGuire
I began my first ‘Truth of the Scene’ class with Noah highly jittery, muttering the words ‘I am nervous because I am very bad at Improv.’ Now I managed to change it to: ‘I am nervous but I am also having the time of my life!'[…] It was the best part of my week. Noah is a fantastic teacher and made sure we had a good understanding of the syllabus, with video and audio assignments. He possesses a great clarity and articulation in his teaching style and class structure, with exercises that are challenging, fun, and illuminating
Kanchi Thangadurai