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Upcoming Courses

Level 1

Improv Program
Level 1

Intro to Improv

This course introduces students to long form improv and is appropriate for those without any improv experience, those looking to improve their public speaking skills, or for folks with improv experience who would like to get a foundation in North American long form.
Instructor(s): Noah Telson
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Level 2 & 3

Improv Program
Level 2

Game of the Scene

In this course, we introduce students to the concept of the ‘Game of the Scene’, a funny idea that is explored and heightened to create comedy magic on stage.
Instructor(s): Carl Clancy
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Improv Program
Level 2

Truth of the Scene

This course focuses on grounding improv in something realistic and emotionally tangible. We explore how characters, worlds and scenes unfold when we focus on relationships and the “who”.
Instructor(s): Alice Schmid
Sold Out 175,00€

Level 4/Advanced Study/Electives

Upcoming Workshops

Upcoming Youth Events

About Us

The CCB Training School offers instruction in a wide range of improv & sketch comedy.

Our courses and workshops provide a safe, fun, and nurturing space for students to explore their inner creative side and, of course, discover their comedic selves.

We provide an alternative voice for improv in the German “Hauptstadt,” borrowing our philosophy from Del Close and the North American approach. We teach trust, support and truth. And we believe Germans can be funny.

Instruction is offered in native English and German for students spanning all experience levels. Our instructors have a wealth of experience and have trained with UCB, CSz, iO, L’École Internationale de Théâtre Jacques Lecoq, NYU Tisch School of the Arts, and more importantly, have formed their own ethos right here in Berlin.

All courses end with a student show to demonstrate everything you’ve learned. We train students for the stage and it is our promise to make you “performance ready” by the end of the course.

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Please be sure to read our Terms & School Policies!

How do I get updated when new courses or workshops begin?

Sign up for our mailing list! We only send out a newsletter whenever new course sessions begin and when we list new workshops, so you never miss a class (but your inbox doesn’t fill up)!

Are there any requirements to taking classes?

Specific course requirements and prerequisites can be found on individual course pages.
Students must be respectful to their fellow students and course instructors, and adhere to our Student & Teacher Code of Conduct and our Community Code of Conduct.

Can I test a class before joining?

We don’t offer test classes or auditing, but we encourage prospective students to join our weekly open improv jam and to come to House team shows on Friday nights to get an idea of what we’re doing and who we are. This is a great way to meet us and current and former students, as well as join in the CCB community.

Are there student shows?

Yes! All of our core courses end with a student showcase, free to the public, at Comedy Café Berlin, where students will perform what they’ve learned for family & friends.

Do students get to see shows at Comedy Café Berlin for free?

Yes! All currently enrolled students get free students tickets to any improv show at CCB for the duration of their class.

I’m going to miss some classes. Can I still register?

Yes but… we require students to attend at least 6 of the 8 course sessions in order to pass the course and continue taking higher level courses with us. In addition, students may not be more than 15 minutes late to 4 out of 8 classes in order to pass.

If you know you’ll miss more than 2 classes, we strongly recommend you do not register as you’ll simply not get enough out of the course and you’ll be required to retake the course in order to continue taking courses with us.

We do not offer make-up classes for missed classes. Students are added to a Google Group for their course and can message fellow students for notes about missed classes, but please keep in mind that no one is under any obligation to respond.

I’m an experienced improviser, can I skip ahead?

Sometimes. We allow course prerequisite exemptions on a case by case basis, but please keep in mind that we rarely grant exemptions. We teach a very specific style of long form that is relatively unique in Europe. We lay the foundation for that in our Intro course and we’ve found that students who have received training at other schools that focus on short form ‘impro’, status and narrative are often at a disadvantage when skipping Levels, in addition to slowing down the progress of other students.

How many students are in a class?

Our courses and workshops are capped at 16 students max; some courses and workshops have a lower class size – these will be noted in the event description.

Still have questions?
Get in touch or email us at [email protected]
Please do not contact instructors directly!

Corporate Training

Berlin’s premiere English-language improv training school is proud to offer workshops & courses for your company or event!

We work directly with teams and tailor to your specific needs. Whether you need to jump-start innovation and creative ideation, bring teams closer together, relieve inhibitions among new team members or just want to have some fun, we’ve got your back!

Our instructors have years of experience teaching, performing and innovating improv.

Send a message and we’ll get the ball rolling.


The Comedy Cafe Berlin is a magical place full of very funny, very kind folks. The class was totally worth it. I felt like I really learned a lot as an improviser and met lots of really cool people. The community at CCB is just totally rad. I’m definitely going to take the level 2 class.

I recommend everyone to take classes at CCB, they will be a lot of fun! Along the way, you will learn how to be funnier, a better listener, more spontaneous and you will most likely make a bunch of awesome new friends!
This class is a great first step not only for anyone interested in improv comedy, but also for anyone looking to get out of their comfort zone or to gain more confidence. The instructors and classes are a ton of fun!
Stephen Lee
I have never been in a better environment to freely explore and create without judgement. Competent coaching, openness and respect have made this possible. Improv teaches you so many things about life! You just need to stop overthinking things and really listen to others and support them. If you ever wondered if improv was for you, then CCB is the right place to start.
We came all the way from Munich to join this 4-day intensive course. And it was brilliant! Well-organized and balanced, enough breaks to rest and enough practice time to really learn the skill. Highly recommendable.
If you ever wanted to try long form Improv this is a great place to start! The teachers are caring, knowledgeable, and inspiring which makes even the most timid student feel at ease. The course itself is very interesting. It covers some theory, but mostly focuses on learning by doing. At the end you even get to put on a show and “graduate” with your class! Highly recommend this!
Nick Hogendoorn